Saturday, February 16, 2008

Understanding Hair Loss and Hair Re-growth Formulas

“Keep those lovely tresses flowing!” “Laser Hair Therapy!” “A treatment that revitalizes hair!”

Thousands of affirmations are made today by products available off the shelf just for you to use. They claim these formulas can re-grow hair miraculously but are these scientifically proven as they claim to be? Almost all of these are a complete waste of money. Almost all claim to be “the ONLY formula” that is clinically proven to stop hair loss. Now if this was to be true, won’t everyone be a proud owner of a healthy crop of hair? It should be noted that if one product benefits a person it may not have the same / similar effect on another. Also, age plays a vital important role too. An individual loses his/her hairs as he/she grows older.

Before you try any re-growth formula, it is important to analyze the causes of your hair loss

There are various hair restoration treatments available on the market today. Modern technology has produced some very effective treatments, both medical as well as surgical hair restoration treatments. These methods include Hair Transplantation, Laser Treatment, Hair Weaving, Capsules, lotions hair oils etc.

However, there are also some another substitutes that are not effective at all. In case, you decide to go in for any of these treatments, make sure you know the difference between the two and the side effects (if any). Remember; even the very best treatment does not work for everyone. At times, even scientifically verified and approved treatments can have some side effects.
So keeping all this in mind, how does one choose the best hair re-growth formula?

1. Make sure you consult a qualified hair specialist when considering some form of hair loss

2. When buying a hair re-growth formula, read the label properly for any advice / claims made by the manufacturer. Don’t just blindly go and buy just because your favorite actor/actress is promoting it.

3. Do some research online and ask some people who have used the product before going ahead and buying it.

4. Ensure that the treatment is suited to your body hormones or you may just land up with a bald plate. Also, check the doctors’ credentials.

Whatever the product / treatment you choose, remember there can be side effects of taking too many at the same time. So beware and choose well!!!

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