Saturday, February 16, 2008

Laser Hair Loss Treatment

One of the most common ways of treating hair loss today is through laser hair loss treatment. It was already performed in the 1970s, and at that time it was not officially in the market. It is a non-surgical solution for hair loss, thinning hair, and baldness, as well as, other disorders of the scalp such as dermatitis.

Technically it is a piece of equipment that has 31 therapeutic soft low light level lasers delivering light energy to different places on the hair. This principle is based on stimulating cell metabolism while repairing damaged cells at the same time. By using the power of laser light you can boost and revitalize your hair.

The theory is that light is energy and living cells survive thanks to light. The same goes for your hair. This has proven to be very efficient combined with proper hair hygiene products. As a matter of fact, laser hair loss treatment is more effective when used together with Minoxidil (the first drug approved by the FDA for hair loss), together with the right scalp hygiene.

Laser hair loss treatment has been so successful that it has received numerous, positive reviews. Magazines, newspapers as well TV channels claim that the success of this method of treating hair loss is one of the best that can be found today, a problem that is not only afflicting men but also a good percentage of women.

Many are the benefits of laser hair loss treatment and many people who tried it have claimed that their hair loss had been greatly reduced after six to twelve weeks of use and slight differences could even be seen after twelve weeks.

Using laser hair loss treatment can improve the flow of blood supply to the scalp after a single treatment. The correct dosage of light energy is applied from a different number of laser positions and helps in stimulating hair follicles, preventing too much hair loss and giving beautiful hair which is shiny, soft as well as thick and better manageable.

Laser hair loss treatment is the new, scientific approach to reducing hair loss in the scalp, and does not require any kind of surgery at all just some patience and time. Moreover it has been medically tested to be both safe and effective.

Last but not least, studies conducted by the International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology, have demonstrated that laser hair loss treatment can positively help lots of hair loss sufferers in reducing the amount of hair loss. The authors also found a link between low level laser and hair loss.

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